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Health & Medical

More than Dr. Google!

People with Down syndrome often have common health issues. Too often families are left to work with their generalist Pediatrician or Family Doctor who may have little experience in working with people who have Down syndrome. Families then have to turn to “Dr. Google” to be proactive.

Circle 21 has helped create a health and medical advisory board. This board has leading physicians and practitioners who are working with us to deliver positive change to our community.
Working in partnership with governments and the medical and health community, Circle 21 is pioneering the creation of Down Syndrome clinics within major health centers in Canada. These clinics will eventually reach into surrounding communities, by satellite, offering health support services by top drawer physicians who are knowledgeable and experienced working with people with Down syndrome.

Further we are working to create and publish online directories of ‘Circle 21 Certified’ community doctors, therapists and health practitioners who will be educated and experienced in treating patients who have Down Syndrome. Professionals can be rated and reported on by the Community, ensuring those providers’ ‘rating’ is only as good as their last patient interaction.
Health Seminars and Webinars

Circle 21 works in partnership with Dr. Rudaina Banihani, Neonatologist, Developmental Pediatrician, Community Leader and Mother to a child with Down syndrome in providing health leadership to our community.
We will be hosting a series of health seminars in 2013, led by Dr. Banihani (soon to move to webinars) based on the following health topics common to people with Down syndrome:

Health 101 – an Overview
Health Guidelines

  • breastfeeding, nutrition, vitamins, obesity…

Developmental Milestones

  • An overview

Cognitive and Learning Profiles

  • memory, working speed, attention and tools for IPRC

Adaptive skills

  • dressing, feeding, toilet training, independence…


  • occupational therapy
  • physical therapy

Social and Behavior

  • personality, emotions…

Behavior Problems and Dual Diagnosis

  • ADHD, autism, OCD, anxiety, depression


  • sexuality – boys and girls

Transition to Adult health support
Adult Health issues

  • aging, Alzheimer’s