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And then there is education

Education is critical to the success of our community.

In 2013 Circle 21 is creating an education advisory board. This board will have leading educators, administrators and practitioners who will work closely with us to deliver positive change to our community.

Engaging the education system to maximize learning outcomes is what Circle 21 will be focused on. Working hand in hand with government and public school boards to create environments that make sense economically and logistically to budget-burdened school systems, while at the same time maximizing our children’s potential. Perhaps championing neighborhood public schools that would be ‘Circle 21 certified’ – and instead of having a child here and a child there in a public school, a Circle 21 certified school could have a handful of neighborhood children with Down Syndrome, representing all ages and stages fully included in the school. Staff would be educated and experienced in working with children with Down Syndrome, Parents would be supported by other like-minded families, and children would have a peer-support-network built into their environment. Championing public-private-partnership education models and privately funded independent school opportunities are other considerations for Circle 21.

Circle 21 will work with schools, school boards, unions, government and regulatory bodies to better understand and maximize the educational outcomes for our community.