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In May 2012, following the success of our World Down syndrome day event, we created and launched a Facebook page to showcase some of the video of that event. The Facebook page provided us with real time metrics as to who went to the page, what they saw and what they liked. So following our audiences lead, we were guided to post photographs of people with Down syndrome. We quickly learned that the most glamorous or the ‘cutest’ pictures didn’t necessarily translate into high numbers of ‘likes’. Instead it was the everyday photos that tended to get the highest rates. People wanted to relate. And so by trial and error we continued to post photographs of children, young adults and adults with Down syndrome and our traffic steadily increased. Our photo and story submissions increased as well. We would post more ‘serious’ content (such as links to articles and surveys) and got an incredibly high number of responses.

We have built a strong virtual, global community using Facebook. Facebook has a strong measurement framework – so we’re able to understand our audience. We know that our audience comes from over 35 countries!. We’ve had multiple occasions when a posting has been visited by over 2 million people; our record was a photo in late fall 2012 which was viewed by over 2.5 million people. Often our postings will get hundreds, even thousands, of comments and shares within their network—and often within minutes of posting..
With such a loyal and engaged audience we have created an incredible opportunity to understand our global community at large and this positions us well to launch a credible website in the future that is the ‘go to’ place for families who have a child with Down syndrome.

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