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Up the Down Market Dinner – March 21, 2013

Circle 21 helps organize Up the Down Market Dinner, an innovative and entertaining fundraising event to support Down Syndrome Research, Toronto April 19th 2012

(Toronto, Ontario) April 18, 2012 – Circle 21 is helping organize the 16th annual Up the Down Market Dinner, Thursday April 19th, The Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto.

Up the Down Market Dinner is hosted by the Down Syndrome Research Foundation. This unique event simulates the stock market, with participants buying and selling shares in fictitious companies, trying to make the most money and avoid bankruptcy. Innovative and entertaining, the dinners, which also take place in Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver, have to date directly raised over $3.7 million, and indirectly much more to support research and programming for Down syndrome. Kids Horizons, Air Canada is a national sponsor of the event.

Alexandra Jemetz, a founding member of Circle 21 whose fourth child was born with Down Syndrome, has attended this dinner for years. She says, “As someone who works in capital markets, this dinner was always a highlight for me. It is fun and competitive! Who would have known that years later my family would be blessed with Theo, my son who has Down syndrome.”
Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic condition resulting from a triplication of the 21st chromosome. Down syndrome affects 1 in 691 births in Canada.

Founded in 2012, Circle 21 is comprised of individuals with Down syndrome, family, friends, caregivers, researchers, organizations and others that are interested.. Circle 21 is committed to implementing a National DS registry to identify the estimated 35,000 to 45,000 Canadians with DS. Circle 21 focuses on health, education, employment, independent living, and peer-support-networks. While many organizations work hard at the local level to help people with DS, Circle 21 adds national and global resources, working with government, corporations, non-profits and others to coordinate significant, positive changes in the systems that support those with DS and their families.

Founded in 1995, Down Syndrome Research Foundation (DSRF) offers a wide variety of educational opportunities to children and young adults with Down syndrome, including ground-breaking reading and communications programs, speech therapy, music in motion, summer school and transitions programs which prepare our students to live full and fulfilling lives.

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