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Thinking Beyond…

Thinking Beyond the Needs of Our Individual Children

We spent our time seeking out people who touched our community in some capacity or another (parents, therapists, support organizations, associations….) then we asked questions and we listened. We asked more questions and we listened some more.

We found there are many GREAT people hard at work in an effort to create positive change in our community. Most organizations work directly with families to provide the support, the information and the knowledge needed to advocate on behalf of their family member with Down syndrome in their local community.

However, Circle 21 thinks that it should be done differently

We know that everyone is good at something. We can’t all be experts in all the areas that are critically important to maximize the potential of our family members who happen to have Down syndrome. Circle 21’s approach puts the burden on Circle 21 and our partner network to create and improve the systems and processes that will support the person with Down syndrome and their family with world class models, rather than requiring the family to be the expert and advocate for those best practices. And while Circle 21 will not be the expert, we source and use world experts, so families are able to trust Circle 21 to do the heavy lifting so families can focus on the individual with Down syndrome just as they would with any other family member.

The Conveyor Belt

We often refer to this strategy as the conveyor belt. When a family needs help, they can just step onto the conveyor belt; and when they’re good just step off. Families don’t even need to know what problem they are trying to solve! We’re looking to design a support organization that allows you to put up your hand, step onto the conveyor belt, and together we’ll figure it out the source of their unease.