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The Early Days

Circle 21 needed to start somewhere.

Beginning in January 2012 we took the first steps. We began by identifying contributors. We started seeking people who shared our vision, who shared our values, and had the energy to create positive social change. We looked for people who weren’t so tired from their journey or jaded by the system that they had already given up. We looked for people who didn’t feel the need to please everyone. And we looked for movers and shakers who wanted to join our journey, whether they had a connection to Down syndrome or not.

And by looking, we soon found many great people! People who were stepping up to help position Down syndrome as a top of mind agenda item in Canada and beyond.

One person at a time

At the same time, we connected with key stakeholders within the Down syndrome and disability support communities. One person at a time. We established formal pro bono partnerships with leading corporations – including McCarthy Tetrault to provide legal advice and support, with BDO Dunwoody for accounting advice and support, and Juniper Park for branding and creative advice and support.

If you are interested in joining our virtual team and want to help drive positive change – email us at

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